A Snapshot of AME Development Efforts Underway


The R&D efforts under the DLA sponsored Advanced Microcircuit Emulation (AME) Program at SRI International aims to reestablish a continuing manufacturing source for obsolete microcircuits. The AME Program develops next generation Emulation technologies.

AME technology may be used to provide Form, Fit, and Function (FFF) solutions at the digital component level.

Once a baseline capability is proven the AME program will also qualify the technology and transition it to the GEM program for production.

Through the years the AME program has developed solutions for SRAM memories, Advanced Emitter-Coupled Logic (ECL), Advanced Schottky TTL (FAST) logic, high voltage UHD drivers, microprocessors and ASICs.


Below is a snapshot of development efforts currently underway and a brief description of the objective.


0.35 μm Technology: 3.3 V CMOS Technology. Provide resupply for non-procurable +3.3V supply digital devices; targeting ASICs and some FPGAs.

Analog Technology: 20 V BiCMOS Technology. Provide resupply for non-procurable 20V analog devices. Establish base technology to develop additional analog functions defined in DLA’s AME roadmap.

FCT Technology: 5.0 V CMOS Technology. Provide resupply for more than 208 unique devices including no-source NSNs listed on DLA’s SMCR

FPGA Emulation Strategy: Identify methods to recover/extract programming information from non-procurable FPGAs and retarget to existing Emulation Technology.

DPRAM Technology: 5.0 V CMOS Technology. Provide resupply for more than 425 Dual Port SRAM (DPRAM) unique devices and more than 100 FIFO memories.