A Continuing Source For The Fast TTL Logic Family Now Available


The Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) sponsored Advanced Microcircuit Emulation (AME) Program develops, demonstrates, and provides a continuing source of advanced technology, high-reliability, military-quality microcircuits.

AME technology may be used to provide Form, Fit, and Function (FFF) solutions at the digital component level.

AME can be applied to consolidate multiple digital components into a single AME microcircuit, or the technology provides a continuing source of integrated circuits (ICs) for board level/system upgrades, redesigns, or new system designs, ensuring lifetime supportability.

The AME Program has recently completed and transferred a QML certified base array technology to the GEM Program, intended to address the diminishing supply of TTL FAST, 54FXXX, microcircuits.

This bipolar array is flexible enough to accommodate most functions and package types and will enable resupply for more than 250 unique no-source devices listed on DLA’s SMCR (standard microcircuit cross reference) .

The GEM Program can now accept production orders and deliver parts on demand for this technology.

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