F-15 Success Story – Microcircuit Emulation with GEM

One of the successes of the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Emulation programs is an application within the F-15 Eagle (WSDC 19F) Weapon System. The role is air superiority fight multi-role combat aircraft. The system was produced first in 1972 and continues into the present. July 1976 was the time of the first deployment. The United states Air Force has 249 in service, while foreign militaries have 508 in service.



DLA’s GEM program has manufactured several different hard coded ASIC replacement parts for the obsolete user programmable EP-310 logic device.
Over 11,000 individual parts delivered to support the F-15 Eagle tactical fighter.
The DLA GEM program provides a permanent on-demand manufacturing source.


DLA Emulation Example

F-15 Success Story Table