Case Studies

The GEM program supports over 560 weapon systems. Here are some of our example case studies.

C - 17

Application C-17 Landing Gear
Obsolete Device EP1800 Erasable Programmable Logic Device
Emulation Solution In this application the device is only programmed once, therefore, the GEM Program was able to provide a Form, Fit, Function and Interface (F3I) hard-coded ASIC replacement for the obsolete programmable microcircuit. For the last 17 years, the GEM Program had provided 89 delivery orders of over 400 individual parts. The GEM33320BXC part is still actively available.
Customer Crane Hydro Air, a subcontractor for Boeing, has successfully used the GEM Program Emulation of a programmable device.
Benefit to Program Eliminate system redesign due to part's obsolescence provide long-term production support


Application Bradley M2A2 Armored fighting vehicle, microcircuit used in turret distribution box, system control box and gun control unit.
Obsolete Device CMOS-Compatable dual NAND peripheral driver with open collector, outputs generic DS1632.
NSN 5962-01-376-2175, SMD PN 5962-9052201PA.
Replacement Emulation PN GEM34301QPA.
Additional Emulated QML-38535 SMD PN's: 5962-9052201PC, 5962-9052201XA, 5962-9052201XC.
Emulation Solution In this application, prototypes were insertion tested prior to production manufacturing of a form, fit, function Emulation of the original part with matching critical performance parameters.
Customer DLA, Army, Curtis Wright Inc., United Defense, and all subcontractors
Benefit to Program Averted Bradley production and repair line shutdown and provided permanent production support
Manufacturing Support Production status - On-demand manufacturing capability in place with over 13,600 parts delivered


Application Develop wafer fabrication processes and arrays to provide GEM solutions for rad hard requirements
Customer United States Air Force
Contract Vehicle/Funding Cost share DLA/B-2 Program
Test Results For the dose rate test, no upset, latch-up or burnout was observed through the highest levels tested
For total dose all samples were through 1Mrad (Si)
Benefit to Program U.S. Trusted source of microcircuits meeting rad-hard requirements for B-2


Application F-15 Eagle airborne computer - Flight Control Module
Obsolete Device Custom MIL-STD-1750 microprocessor module (MDC 281)
Emulation Solution In this application, SRI, in joint development with Boeing, utilized the Emulation Technology to reverse engineer three obsolete microcircuits to one ASIC on the same daughter card, maintaining a Form, Fit, Function, and interface equivalent solution.
Customer DLA, F-15 Systems Program Office (SPO), Boeing, BAE Syatems, and all sub-contractors
Benefit to Program Eliminated hardware and software redesign due to part obsolesence, and provides long term production support
Manufacturing Support Prototypes delivered in 2007 for SRU, LRU, ATP, ESS, Avionics Intergration and F-15 in-flight testing.
Production Status - On-demand manufacturing capability in-place with 355 individual parts delivered over 38 separate shipments since 2010


Application Phalanx Close-In Weapon System
Obsolete Device XR-2240, NSN 5962-01-507-5909, SMD P/N 5962-0050701QEA Programmable Timer/Counter
Emulation Solution A sample device was electronically reverse engineered and reference information was used to create a Form-Fit-Function-Interface Emulation of the original part with matching critical programmable timing precision.
Customer DLA, Raytheon, Curtis Wright Inc., and all sub-contractors
Benefit to Program Eliminated hardware and software redesign due to part obsolesence, and provides long-term production support.
Manufacturing Support Parts were system validated with a populated Circuit Card Assembly (CCA) in the field prior to live action firing tests.
Production Status - On-demand manufacturing capability in-place with 1,476 parts delivered over 37 shipments since 2004