Counterfeit Prevention

Counterfeit microcircuits are an ever increasing threat to complex weapon systems. When microcircuits are no-longer available from the original manufacturer, or its authorized distributors, parts may only be available on the gray market. At this point the supply chain is susceptible to the insertion of counterfeit parts with limited part providence. Counterfeits can include unauthorized copies, up-scaled (misrepresented) and recycled (used) parts.

As a fully integrated component manufacturer, SRI’s GEM program is a long-term source for military grade microcircuits, including nearly 1,000 standard military drawing part numbers.  Using the emulation programs avoids purchasing obsolete microcircuits on the grey market and eliminates the threat of counterfeit parts. The emulation programs are an on-demand manufacturing capability, designed and manufactured on-shore in a Category 1 Trusted Foundry. All parts are designed and manufactured to the customer’s specification, such Source Control Drawings (SCDs) or Standard Microcircuit Drawing (SMDs).