Quote Request

Quote Request

Logistics Channel

DLA Land and Maritime performs an intensive search to locate original parts, reviews QML/QVL and solicits SIA for commercial availability (details). Depending on whether you are a commercial or government contractor, there are several ways to obtain emulation devices.

Through logistics channels:

  • Requisitions to DLA Land and Maritime
  • DLA Managed NSNs

For MILSVC funded requirements:

  • Military Interdepartmental Purchase Request (MIPR) to DLA
  • SOW/RFP Prepared and Coordinated by DLA

By direct contract with SRI:

  • Applies to non-government and commercial activities
  • Contract arrangements between SRI and customer 
Approval to Bid
  • DLA Land and Maritime GEM Program Office verifies the device is obsolete
  • Contacts the original manufacturers and aftermarkets who are members of the Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) to ensure there is no commercial source
  • Attempts to locate original parts from reputable distributors

Delivery Time

Emulated devices are designed and fabricated on demand.   For a routine, +5 V logic family device, turn-around time to deliver fully mil-screened parts part is about 6 months after order acceptance.    For more complex ASICs lead time could take a year or longer.  If we have residual assets on hand, we can typically ship product in two weeks or less.

New Emulation Requirements

Below is a table of ideal requirements for a new Emulation design. In general the more documentation that is available the better however with SRI’s reverse engineering capability design data can be regenerated from the actual microcircuit. Know-good sample part are essential for all new designs.

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