Microcircuit Emulation Center Outreach in the Time of Covid-19

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Throughout 2019 the Microcircuit Emulation Center Marketing team was pre-registering for events in 2020 at many of the trade shows and working group meetings that we typically frequent. Little did we know that almost every single one of these shows would be cancelled amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many companies are in the same situation and need to either shift or innovate communication tactics. The cancellation of one of our main modes of marketing opens up the necessity to strengthen other techniques to spread the awareness of DLA’s Microcircuit Emulation Programs. Here are some ideas:

Update Your Online Presence

This is really broad advice that could span from tweaking some tweets or completely shifting your service to be virtual or online. Seeing as how the Microcircuit Emulation Center is dependent upon use of our US-based foundry, services cannot be shifted online. A few things we did related to updating our website includes updating the FAQs, additional parts on the downloadable/searchable list, new literature, newsletters, blogs, and social media posts.

Reach Out to Existing Contacts

One thing that the COVID “quarantine lifestyle” has done for many people and organizations is to slow down. It is very possible to be such a busy customer representative that leads can fly by and fall through the cracks. Now is the time people have taken a step back to observe truly important and necessary services for ideal productivity and functionality. Contacts you already have may now have the time and attention for your valuable services.

What’s going on with the 2020 trade shows that the MEC was supposed to attend?

Out of the 10 events where we planned to have exhibitions, only one is not cancelled. This show is DMC in December. Normally, we attend DMSMS, which is paired with the DMC conference, but this year it had already been consolidated into one show.

You can see a complete list of the trade shows we have attended since 2016 by clicking the link below. Also, a complete list of the 2020 shows we had planned to attend before they were cancelled.